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Allgäu Cycle Marathon

Each Year the RSC Kempten organizes the “Sparkassen Allgäu tour“ with more than 1.000 participants. There are  six tours to choose from, comprising distances beginning with 17 miles on tour 1 and  492 ft in altitude to tour 6 comprising 103 miles and 6562 ft in altitude.

Our very demanding tour has a length of 91 miles with 7612 ft in altitude and is almost identical with tour No. 6.

Starting and ending point is the Autohaus (car dealership) BROSCH in Durach, closed to Kempten in the Allgäu.

On a hilly and lightly trafficked road this trip leads through this beautiful and panoramic Allgäu landscape via Betzigau to Wildpoldsried.

Börwang, Haldenwang, Hopferbach and Ollarzried are the successive villages to the northern point of this tour at Zadels.

On this sweat-inducing stretch of road we carry on cycling via Ronsberg, Unterthingau in southern direction alongside Schwaltenweiher to Nesselwang, the world renowned climatic spa.

Passing Oy-Mittelberg and Petersthal, which is situated at the dammed up Rottachsee,  we get to the southernmost point of this tour nearby Altrach.

Approximately 13 miles are still to go in northern direction via Markt Sulzberg before we reach the starting point of this demanding, but scenically and due to its routing wonderful tour at the Autohaus (car dealership) BROSCH in Durach.

Full-HD-resolution: 1920x1080

Distance: approx. 143 km

Length: 262 Minutes

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