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The starting point of this demanding panoramic tour, comprising 20.5 miles in length and 3445 ft in altitude, is the village Tavernola Bergamasca on the western bank of Lake Iseo, at 627 ft above sea level.

Leaving the SS469 we turn into the Via Valle, where the winding ascent (more than 329 ft in altitude) through the village to the Strada per Parzanica begins immediately.

DVD-Video "The Vosges Passes - Tour 1 -"

Via Col du Bannstein, Firstplan, Wettstein, Calvarie,
Louchpach, Bonhomm, de la Schlucht, Platzerwasel

The starting point of this 94 mile long tour is the small village of Le Markstein on a plateau situated 4134 ft above sea level.

Firstly, we ride 11 miles on a wide, scenic road through the Lauch valley, passing the Lac de la Lauch down to Lautenbachzell (1388 ft).

After a further 14 miles – via Soultzmatt (325 ft), Osenbach (722 ft) and the Col du Firstplan (2369 ft) - we reach the spa town of Soultzbach-les-Bains (1115 ft).

DVD-Video "Via the Vosges Passes - Tour 2 -"

Col de la Schlucht, des Feignes, sous Vologne, d’Oderen,
Bussang, Ballon d’Alsace, du Hundsruck, Amic

The starting point of this 106 mile, demanding tour, of approximately 11,000 ft in altitude, is the same as the Vosges Tour 1 - the large car park of the small village of Le Markstein, at 3,900 ft above sea level.

The first panoramic stretch with a length of 14 miles leads us along the world famous Route de Crêtes to Col de la Schlucht (3737 ft), riding constantly on an undulating road alongside the Vosges ridge.