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DVD-Video "From St. Peter to the top of the Würzjoch"

The Villnösser valley, is a virtually untouched and not overrun Dolomite valley, starting in the gentle vine growing hills in the village of Eisack and ending in the gigantic rocks of the Dolomites.

The Villnösser valley has been made popular by the extreme mountaineer REINHOLD MESSNER who grew up in Villnösser and discovered here his love for the mountains.

The introspective mountain villages such as Teis, St. Valentin, St. Peter, St. Jakob and St. Magdalena maintained their old traditions over the centuries. The Teiser MINERAL MUSEUM with its many valuable mountain crystals and the famous TEISER BOWLS is especially interesting and viewable.

DVD-Video "Nockalmstrasse"

The almost 35km long tour leads us through the only European national park in the mild high mountain region, with the largest spruces and Swiss Pine population in the Eastern alps.

In 1970 the construction of this road began and it took a decade for its completion.

The routing of this “Nockalmstrasse” is an optimal way to enjoy the uniqueness of the Nock mountains, with their distinctive appearance – the round “cams” (“Nocken”) which are geological curiosities and unique to the whole alps area.

2 km after the plateau of Reichenau (1,060m) the Nockalmstrasse takes a left turn, where we will now ride.