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DVD-Video "Eddy Merckx - AddOn"

We extend our “Little”- Eddy Merckx Classic-Tour, comprising 73 miles and 4429 ft in altitude, with this 32 mile long stretch of road, to the so-called “Grand”- circuit, comprising 96 miles and 2300 ft in altitude.

This stretch of road, with ascents of up to 12 %, begins at the ATS busstop in Egg bei Thalgau Lackner, at the junction (signposted) “Hof bei Salzburg 3 km – Fuschl am See 5 km”.

We ride through a beautiful, picturesque and sharply oscillating landscape, on the quiet road towards Fuschl am See.

DVD-Video "From Furnace Creek via the foothills of the Rocky Mountains"

The most demanding stretch of road the Death Valley, known as a hot shimmering salt pan, has to offer, is situated in the west, where it stops at the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains.

Here we find a rare combination of valley that lies below the sea level and mountain chain of more than 6560 ft.

DVD-Video "Tour over the Postalm near Salzburg"

The starting point of this almost 66 mile long, demanding tour, with 7133 ft in altitude, is Fuschl am See, at 2198 ft above sea level.

Right from the start we climb almost 330 ft in altitude gently uphill on the B158 and afterwards on a scenic road downhill to St. Gilgen (1788 ft) at the beautifully situated Lake Wolfgang.

Riding on the banks of Lake Wolfgang we reach the village of Strobl (1804 ft) and the ascent to the Postalm.