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DVD-Video "Panamint Valley (California)"

The Panamint Valley is a sister valley of the Death Valley, situated parallel to it and flanked by two mountain chains. A beautiful road crosses both mountain ranges and leads finally into the inner part of the melting pot of Death Valley, the Stove Pipe Wells.

DVD-Video "Nationalpark Eifel"

The Eifel National Park is situated at the western border of Germany and extends to the neighbouring country Belgium.

This low mountain range region with its volcano hills and crater lakes is a popular destination for the Cologne and Aachen regions. In the loneliness of large deciduous trees, picturesque roads meander through villages.

This tour leads us through the heart of the National Park. In a big eight we circumnavigate the Rur Lake using each of the ascents to make it a varied and appealing tour.

DVD-Video "Lake Constance Bregenz Forest"

Conquer the picturesque landscape between Bregenz Forest and the Allgäu on our northerly tour starting from Dornbirn. In a steep climb to the German border, we leave the city behind us and briefly overlook Lake Constance before diving into lush, green valleys. We quickly reach little settlements and picturesque villages alongside the road, only to leave them in the next climb via some s-bends.