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DVD-Video "Col du Lautaret und Col du Galibier"

We begin our demanding tour to the Col du Lautaret (comprising 26 miles and 7546 ft in altitude) at 6749 ft above sea level in Le Bourg-d’Oisans at 2395 ft above sea level. Afterwards we ride onto the Col du Galibier at 7860 ft above sea level.

We ride the first three miles on an even stretch of road to Le Clapiers at 2411 ft above sea level. From here on, the 22 mile long ascent proper, up to the Col du Lautaret through the wild and romantic Romanche valley, begins. Initially, a few steep slopes have to be overcome.

DVD-Video "Col de la Croix de Fer"

We start this 47 mile long tour in Le Bourg-d´Oisans at 2395 ft above sea level and follow the famous stretch of the Tour de France  via the Col de la Croix de Fer (6781 ft) to La Chambre (1558 ft).

Firstly we ride on an even stretch of road towards Grenoble.

After approximately 5 miles we turn right and follow the road to Allemond (2303 ft) and a few yards uphill to a very beautiful reservoir , the Lac du Verney, which we will pass on the right bank.

DVD-Video "Notom Road and Burr Trail"

Together with the Waterpocketfold the Capitol Reef forms a giant continental dividing line. This formation is situated opposite the Grand Staircase, a mighty rock slope of more than 1300 ft.

Our tour begins with a moderate ascent and leads over the road, which is initially asphalted, into a bizarre region of rocks and strange rock formations, alongside the Waterpocketfold -where most of the USA’s dinosaur finds were made, as this was once all ocean floor!