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DVD-Video "Albula-, Splügen- and Malojapass"

Starting point of this almost 122.5 mile-long and demanding tour is the small village La Punt-Chamuesinin in the Swiss canton of Graubünden at 5,535 ft above sea level.

In the village we start with a 5.6 mile long climb up to the Albula pass.
Via some S-bends we soon gain altitude and a beautiful view of the sunny high valley of the Upper Engadin and the mountains opposite opens up in front of us.

For 3.7 miles we cycle steeply uphill before the road becomes flatter further on the course to the Albula pass at 7,600 ft.
Afterwards, during the winding descent to Tiefencastel (2792 ft) we see some viaducts and tunnels of the Rhaetian Railway, a masterly example of railway construction.

From Tiefencastel we continue to Thusis (2,461 ft) and afterwards on the low traffic road through the world famous Via Mala gorge up to Splügen (4,780 ft).

This is where the 5.6 mile long climb to the Splügen pass at 6,932 ft above sea level begins.
Immediately after the village the first incline awaits us followed by some steep S-bends above a meadowed hillside.
Later on, above the tree line we can see the pass summit which will be reached after conquering 10 S-bends.
The following descent, passing the Swiss and Italian customs house, leads us alongside the bank of the Lago di Montespluga dam through the scenically beautiful Val San Giacomo to Chiavenna (1093 ft) in the Italian Sondrio province.

Here, we follow the Strada del Maloja through the Val Bregaglia, passing the village of Castasegna (2,283 ft) on the Swiss-Italian border and, after a sweat-inducing 19.26 miles reach the Maloja-Pass at 5,955 ft above sea level.

Afterwards we cycle, without any incline, alongside the picturesque Sils and Silvaplane Lake to the famous holiday resort Silvaplana (5,955 ft).
We continue our trip, firstly through the prominent and world famous winter sport resort of St. Moritz (5,978 ft), and then through the Oberengadiner valley alongside the villages Samedan (5,646 ft) and La Punt-Chamues to Zernez (4,829 ft) our tour destination.

FullHD resolution: 1920x1080

Distance: ca. 197 km


Length: 400 Minutes

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