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DVD-Video "Lombardy - Lake Iseo Tour"

Today´s 46 mile moderate tour leads us to Lombardy. More precisely to Lake Iseo in the province of Bergamo.

We start our trip in Lovere on the north bank of the lake at 682 ft above sea level.

Initially, we cycle, without much difficulty, along the west bank, in a southerly direction to Riva di Solto (610 ft) on the road which was boldly hewn into the rock and enjoy the magnificent views of the lake and the opposite bank.

In Riva di Solto we leave the lake road and ride a hill up to Solto Collina (1473 ft).

Having arrived, our route continues to the village of Endine with its lake of the same name, Lago di Endine (1106 ft) in the Val Cavallina. We cycle through narrow streets and pretty villages alongside the lake until we reach the village of Grone.

From here we continue via the western approach up to the Colli di San Fermo (3510 ft). We now have to ride about 5,6 miles at a sweat-inducing altitude of 2460 ft.

After the narrow entrance to the village of Grone, the street slopes slightly downwards again, before we cycle steeply uphill, via 8 hairpin bends, with climbs varying between 10 and 14%. Beautiful views are the compensation for this strength-sapping stretch.

Beyond the S-bends it becomes flatter for a short while, before the road ascends on a short stretch up to 15 %. After a further flat plain, two more steep S-bends and a 15 % incline have to be climbed.

At approximately 2,8 miles the worst is behind us, as only a few small inclines with maximum gradients of 10 % remain.

Having arrived at the pass, the path leads quickly down to the villages of Adrana, San Rocco and Campomatto to Samico on the western bank of Lake Iseo.

From here on we can recover from our beautiful but demanding tour. With gradients not worthy of mention, we return to our starting point at Lovere, enjoying the route and beautiful views of the lake.

FullHD resolution: 1920x1080

Distance: ca. 74 km


Length: 148 Minutes

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