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DVD-Video "From Andermatt via the Gotthard-, Lukmanier- and Oberalppass"

Starting point of this 99.4 mile long and hard tour is Andermatt (4711 ft) in the Swiss Canton Uri at the bottom of the Oberalppass.

The first miles till Hospental (4898 ft) run over an almost even stretch.

Right at the far end of the village the steep climb begins up to our first target, the St. Gotthardpass at 6619 ft above sea level.

With average gradients ranging from 6% to 10% we climb up mile for mile on the well built road towards the pass.

On approximately half of the way we turn to the old pass road, which is still paved with cobblestones, and after further perspiration causing miles we finally reach the pass summit.

The following descent on the historic road through Val Tremola down to Airolo (3855 ft), which is paved with cobblestones and which is full of serpentines is an unforgettable experience.

Now follows an approx. 24.85 mile long slightly steep stretch to Biasca (994.1 ft).

In Biasca we turn left and cycle through the valley of the river Brenno, which at the start is still wide, to Olivone (2916.7 ft).

From here the stretch which is scenically more attractive begins with the moderate difficult 25.5 mile long climb up to the pass.

Having arrived at the top of the Lukmanier Pass (6279.5 ft) we ride alongside the dam Lai da Sontga Maria and soon reach the highest point of this pass at 6470 ft above sea level.

The following 13.05 mile long descent to Disentis (3707 ft) through the Val Mede, alongside the mighty and 328 ft high dam wall will give us the opportunity to summon up strength again.

In Disentis the climb to our last target, the Oberalppass begins.

In wide bends we cycle up to the village Sedrun (4610 ft), so as then to ride from time to time alongside the rails of the Matterhorn-Gotthard rail way on the road which becomes more and more curvy and narrow, in order to reach the Oberalppass (6706 ft).

At first we ride alongside the Oberalpsee, from where we then reach, via several serpentines, our starting point Andermatt (4711 ft).

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Length Set 1: ca. 77 km

Length Set 2: ca. 72 km

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