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DVD-Video "Bavarian Forest - 3 Countries Tour"

Today, a beautiful but moderate 68 mile 3-countries-tour awaits us.

Starting point is the beautiful city of Waldkirchen in the BavarianForest.

We start in the town centre and cycle on mainly lonely little roads in an eastern direction, passing idyllically situated villages such as Wollaberg, Aßberg and Breitenberg. Shortly after Breitenberg we get to the Austrian Mill Quarter via the border crossing point.

DVD-Video "Ironman® - Regensburg"

Today´s tour puts us on the trail of the Ironman® Regensburg, which is a Triathlon event taking place yearly. This competition was carried out for the first time on the first of August 2010 with well over 1800 athletes from 54 nations taking part.

Starting point and destination of this tour is at the entrance of the Guggenberg Lake at Neutraubling.

During the northerly section of this tour to Donaustauf we can admire the hall of fame "Valhalla" which was built in 1842 within the reign of King Ludwig I.

DVD-Video "Ironman Course - Roth -"

Roth, a little franconian city near Nuremberg with a great athletic reputation, is the stage of one of the greatest triathlon events in the whole of Europe every year.