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DVD-Video "Engadin cycle marathon - Course B"

Zernez, which is situated at 4829 ft above sea level in the Swiss Canton Graubünden is the starting point of the second stretch of the Engadin cycle marathon around the Chiba Cup of the Alps. It is 71 miles long and has a difference in altitude of 8208 ft.

We leave Zernez on the slightly downward sloping stretch in the direction of Davos and come after approx. 3.7 miles to the small 200 souls large village Susch (4678 ft) with its beautifully decorated Engadin houses.

DVD-Video "Engadin cycle marathon - Course A"

Zernez (4829 ft), in the Swiss canton Graubünden, is the starting point of the 4347 ft (altitude difference) and 60.3 mile long first section of the Engadin cycle marathon around the Chiba Cup of the Alps.

We leave off at the far end of the village in the direction of the Ofen Pass and begin a 3.72 mile long climb, with an average gradient of 8 %, up to the little pass, the Ova Pass at a height of 6070 ft above sea level.

Afterwards we cycle in a terrific speed downhill to Punt la Dossa (5607ft) and the junction to Livigno.


Starting point of this 66.5 mile long and hard tour is Andermatt (4711 ft) in the Swiss Canton URI.

Our first destination is the Furka Pass at 7978 ft above sea level.

The pass has a length of 19.26 miles and connects the Canton Uri in central Switzerland with the south western Canton Wallis.

We leave Andermatt and initially cycle on an even stretch to Hospen Valley (4898 ft), then turn to the right and carry on cycling on a slightly upward sloping road to the village of Realp (5046 ft).