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DVD-Video "Historic Route66 (Arizona)"

Historic Route 66 (Arizona) is a road which has never existed as such. It was rather the idea to connect the many small linking roads in the west of the USA to a great highway. As different as the original road sections of the Route 66 are - the impressions one can experience are just as versatile.

It is an idyll between endless grass landscapes accompanied by little hills. Since the transport of goods is carried out over the parallel running railway today, one sees more trains than lorries in this region.

DVD-Video "Sonora Pass"

Senora Pass is the less well known brother of the Tioga Pass, offering a beautiful view on the glaciers of the Yosemite National Park. It is mentioned for the first time in 1852 and connects Senora with Bridgeport.

DVD-Video "Yosemite Nationalpark"

The Yosamite National Park is the first State Park of the USA and the first example for the worldwide National Park idea of today. It is situated in the heart of California and with its landmark, the Halfdome, it is well-known to all Americans.