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DVD-Video "From Furnace Creek via the foothills of the Rocky Mountains"

The most demanding stretch of road the Death Valley, known as a hot shimmering salt pan, has to offer, is situated in the west, where it stops at the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains.

Here we find a rare combination of valley that lies below the sea level and mountain chain of more than 6560 ft.

DVD-Video "Panamint Valley (California)"

The Panamint Valley is a sister valley of the Death Valley, situated parallel to it and flanked by two mountain chains. A beautiful road crosses both mountain ranges and leads finally into the inner part of the melting pot of Death Valley, the Stove Pipe Wells.

DVD-Video "From Boulder to Torrey"

This part of the All America Road or simply Scenic Byway #12 was only built and finished in the 1980´s - and that only for one end: Because it is so incredibly beautiful and the people are supposed to enjoy the landscape.

In the first part of this stage series we climbed the region around Escalante. Continuing this route, we start towards the little village, Boulder. Boulder welcomes us with a rapid descent on a road chiseled into rock, which gives the impression of an aeroplane coming into land.