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Fleims Valley Tour

Starting point of this 68 mile long and with 10187 ft in altitude demanding tour is the little village Molina in Fleims Valley at 2710 ft above sea level.

The approximately 10 mile long ascent up to the Mànghen-Pass begins shortly after leaving the round about and crossing the Avisio.

On the first hundred feet the inclines quickly climb from a one-digit to a double-digit level, however, they level off afterwards back to values between 3 % and 6 %.

After approximately 5 miles the road becomes narrow and above all very steep with  inclines ranging between 8% and 12%, until the scenic pass summit is reached at 6700 ft.

The upcoming 15 mile long and relaxing descent into the Val Sugana to Telve therefore comes just in the nick of time.

Turning right we get to the community of Ronchi Valsugana via a 2,5 mile long and 15% steep ascent.

As we carry on cycling, we reach Pegine Valsugana (1575  ft) on the Sp228 via Levico Terme, which runs alongside the bank of the Lago di Levico.

In the centre of the village we then follow the signposts into the Valle di Mocheno where, after a sweat-inducing 10 miles, we reach the inconspicuous Passo del Redebus at 4774 ft above sea level.

The now following 19 mile long stretch of road back to the starting point Molina in the Fleims Valley is relaxing and provides a beautiful view.

Full-HD-resolution: 1920 x 1080

Distance: approx. 109 km

Length: 225 Minutes

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