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Gaichtpass Cycle Tour

The starting point of this scenically unique tour, which is apart from the last road stretch moderate, is Tannheim in the Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol.

The stretch is almost 35 miles long and approximately 1640 ft in altitude have to be overcome.

To begin with we ride on an almost even stretch of road on the B199 towards Haldensee until we get to a junction where we turn to Pfronten in the Allgäu.

Easily we tackle the first short ascent of up to 8% at the village Grän.

On a slight descent we get to Pfronten in the eastern Allgäu after another couple of miles to Vils which is with its 1500 inhabitants the smallest city of Austria. A river of the same name flows through this city and leads to the river Lech.

Reutte in Tyrol is the next and Weissenbach am Lech the proximate destination of this tour.

Here, at the edge of the village begins the almost more than 2,5 mile long ascent to the Gaicht pass. 692 ft in altitude have to be overcome, with inclines of up to 11 %.
After a further steeper stretch of road we get to the small village Nesselwängle at the entrance of the Tannheimer valley.

With a slight ascent at the beginning the road then leads alongside the bank of the beautifully situated lake Haldensee back to Tannheim, the starting point of this tour.


Full-HD resolution: 1920x1080

Distance: ca. 56 km

Length: 95 Minutes

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