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Everybody knows about it: you buy an expensive ergometer, you use it several times and then it stands there, unused in the cellar, because the training is boring.

Now you can change this with FitViewer !

FitViewer virtual cycling training system is training software that is an accessory for bicycle ergometers and exercise bikes that allows fitness training in your own home with conditions almost as realistic as in nature.

Digital video recordings in brilliant picture quality over known stretches of routes in lovely landscapes make the training with the exercise bike and with the ergometer interesting and diversified.

All training films produced for the FitViewer virtual interactive cycling are unabridged original recordings and in the opening credits show you a section of a map and you can ride the same road with your bicycle! Improve your training achievement and motivation with the virtual interactive animation system FitVíewer.

The FitViewer is software on a computer that can control the pedal resistance of your bicycle ergometer depending on the stretches of routes and the speed of the training film depending on the pedal turns. The pedal resistance can be additionally changed by an internal gear box.

The VITALIS multimedia interactive animation system currently supports the ergometers of DAUM®, Horizon® and Kettler®, provided they have a serial RS 232 (9 pin) or USB-PC-interface.
Indoor cycles and ergometers from other manufacturers can immediately be operated with the Uni-FitViewer.

To enable the software to run you need a computer (at least 1GHz for PAL-DVD´s and 2GHz DualCore for Full-HD-DVD´s) with a monitor (instead of a monitor you can also use a TV, Beamer, LCD or a Plasma Display, but you must pay attention to the fact that you might need an additional special graphics card), a DVD-drive, at least 512 MB RAM, a free USB-port and a free com-port (instead of a 9pole com-port you can also use a commercial USB-to-serial-adapter) and about 4 GB free hard drive space for each training film. But the size of the actual hard drive disk used depends on the length of the training tour.