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DVD-Video "Death Valley - Tour 2"

The Death Valley is crossed by only two roads. They meet at the Furnace Creek Ranch. In the first part of the Death Valley tour we enter the Valley from the north.

This route leads us from the east through the salt lakes to the lowest pont in the USA. At 289 ft below sea level we pass Badwater, a large salt lake with a panorama.

DVD-Video "Capitol Reef"

Capitol Reef, which was first declared a National Park 1971, is an approximately 93 mile long rock formation stretching north-south across Utah.

Our tour leads into this enormous rock fault because a part of this gorge, known as Waterpocket Fold, is accessible to all kinds of vehicles before reaching an extensive network of trails. By way of moderate climbs with beautiful views, we reach the first part of the stretch known as “the Portal of Capitol Reef”, in order to ride on a winding off-road stretch at the very bottom of the gorge following the course of the river.

DVD-Video "Eddy Merckx Classic"

Today, we follow the route of the world famous racing bike marathon “Eddy Merckx Classic“ in Austria, or more precisely in the Salzburger Land. Every year almost 1500 racing cyclists line up to take this tour with the former world´s best racing cyclist, Eddy Merckx, and his team.

The start of this amazing 71 mile long, moderate, tour, at approximately 4265 ft in altitude, is Eugendorf near Salzburg.