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DVD-Video "Lombardy - 3 Passes Tour"

Today´s 76 mile power tour leads us to Lombardy or rather to the Bergamask Alps.

We begin our 3 passes tour in Plano and ride through the villages Esine and Bienno. From now on, the climb to the Passo di Croce Domini (6200 ft) begins. Inclines with gradients of about 10 % alternate with slight gradients. Having arrived at the pass the road goes downhill in the direction of Bagolino. Just before the village we turn right to our next challenge, the Passo del Maniva (5446 ft), which connects the Valle di Cáffaro with the Val Trómpia.

DVD-Video "Ironman® - Regensburg"

Today´s tour puts us on the trail of the Ironman® Regensburg, which is a Triathlon event taking place yearly. This competition was carried out for the first time on the first of August 2010 with well over 1800 athletes from 54 nations taking part.

Starting point and destination of this tour is at the entrance of the Guggenberg Lake at Neutraubling.

During the northerly section of this tour to Donaustauf we can admire the hall of fame "Valhalla" which was built in 1842 within the reign of King Ludwig I.