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From Schwyz via the Pragel- and Klausenpass

Starting point of this 107 km long and hard tour is Schwyz (1693 ft) in the same named Canton, situated at the southern slope under the Mythen (a skiing resort ) situated between Lake Lauerzer and Lake Lucerne.

We leave Schwyz in southern direction and cycle on the small slightly ascending side street to the municipality Muotatal (1788 ft), which is 8 miles away.

Here the 7.45 mile long and very steep stretch up to the Pragel Pass (5085 ft) begins.

On the small and lightly-traffic road there are climbs to be overcome that stretch for miles with maximum gradients of 15% to 20% .

Shortly before the top of the pass the road turns into a long flat plain, on which a pass sign is nowhere to be seen.

The view and the following terrific descent to Lake Klöntal (2782 ft) compensates us for the preceding stresses and strains .

Having arrived at the bottom we enjoy the 3.1 mile long picturesque stretch alongside the lake and finally reach Glarus (1549 ft).

From Glarus we cycle 10.6 miles on the road No. 17 on a slightly ascending slope up to Linthal (2172 ft).

Here begins the 13.7 mile long climb up to the Klausen Pass (6391 ft).

Right at the far end of the village the road inclines continuously over a couple of winding roads and we reach the entrance of the Urnerboden after a few miles, which is situated at a height of 4593 ft on the border between the Canton Uri and Glarus.

A few miles are still left till the last hard climb.

Through countless perspiration causing curves we climb over the interleaving serpentines and finally reach the Klausen Pass at 6391 ft above sea level.

On the approx. 15.5 miles long descent to Altdorf (15003 ft) we pass the Lini, a very dangerous stretch above a 1312 ft deep abyss, which is solely secured by a thin steel tube railings.

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Distance:  107 km

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